Thursday, May 26, 2011

The update is as follows:

I was finally let out of questioning. I was a prime suspect, being discovered by the body. I assure you, I did not do it. I was blogging here when it happened. I left and saw some sort of hoodlum dashing away on all fours, so I suspect the killer to be a parkour practitioner.

Yes, my landlord is dead. So much for the bet. He was absolutely torn to shreds. The ruckus I heard before checking sounded uncannily similar to the sounds on the night of the murder, so I deduce that the 'parkour practitioner' was the murderer of my neighbor. In fact, I deduce that this was the serial killer we've been looking for. The problem now would be catching the man.

I am going to try my hardest to tape the sounds of the next few nights in an attempt to catch the murderer. At the very least, if I record the sounds, the police will have evidence.

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